„Taste Test“

Store-front window installation at STROMA-SPACE: two-channel digital video, mixed media installation, hand-drawn edition. Köln (Cologne), Eythstr. 16-18  |  02.07.-30.07.2022

Please note: the Vimeo file above is a condensed edit of a two channel video installation. The actual work at Stroma is based on unsynchronized, looping videos and audio (one video is 05:45, the other 06:15, and the sound file is 04:30; if all three files are started at the same time, it will take 43 hours, 7 minutes, 30 seconds for them to be synchronized again). 

we would like to thank Nadjana and Dominik of team STROMA


In a new work developed specifically for the Projectspace STROMA, we are spiraling, first in a right-hand- and then in a left-hand-fashion, around the concept of chirality. This word – ”chiral” – was not the beginning point of these recent investigations, but the word and its wake have appeared like a ship coming through the morning fog. 

Something is chiral if it cannot be superimposed over its own mirror image. This means that things are never in themselves chiral; the term is always one of relation. Upon which things can we be superimposed? Which versions of ourselves do not exactly match up with stories that we tell the world? 

We are giving and receiving, moving through time, perhaps not in a straight line but around and around. We move fluidly through fluids and solidly through solids, sometimes synchronizing and sometimes not. These interactions are never neutral. We cannot be superimposed. We can offer you a haircut: this hair that is now on the floor will never grow back, but new hair will come in and it might look very similar to the old hair. 

We used to ride the big yellow school bus, every day 45 minutes to school and 45 minutes back home. On rainy days, the bus would smell of coats and old leather and tired children. We would watch the windshield wipers, moving in big arcs, back and forth, seemingly oblivious to one another and yet performing the exact same labor. Sometimes they would match up perfectly: one, two, and then away

An edition will be published to accompany the exhibition:


for further information about the edition pls visit www.stroma-space.de