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„Breakfast“ 2021

prints on paper, nice fake-leather binder with four rings and glass-clear transparent covers.

We got invited by Jonathan Mink, who just served a booth at the art book fair „I never read“ in Basel, Switzerland to present a portable artwork at his booth that was called „conservative books“. The Artfair was small, but very good. At one of the booths we got food, that was connected to the book project they presented. I was very hungry, so that made me happy. Also I got inspired for a new project, while walking around seeing all those Prints and Books. Someone nearly bought our piece. Unfortunately, we thought we have to sell for high price, because -you know- schnasy Basel. We came up with a lower price later, but we already lost him. When we found out, the potential buyer just really really liked our work, we thought we should’ve just given it to him, cause we rather want to have someone fun with. Next time we will be smarter, we just got really confused.