„Coke Today“

we won the „Mach-den-Kiosk“-Stipendium of Hr. Fleischer e.V. in Halle (Saale)

17.10.2022 – 24.11.2022

As the selected exhibitor for 2022’s “Mach den Kiosk”, we, the artist duo Koch&James, will be using the Kiosk am Reileck as the production location, story setting, and eventual public screening room of a short film that remains, at present, a series of loosely gathered questions and vignettes. 

Among these: artistic work that burns with urgency vs. labor sold to pay the bills; the stories we tell our parents and family members to help them understand art; wood carving; a world without advertising; and of course, the delicious and refreshing taste of Coca Cola. There is an image of the kiosk at night, the streets quiet, with a ring of red lights glowing around the cashier’s window. 

Who works there? Who are the people that know what the red light signifies?