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Artists are the most intentionally disorganized labor force in the history of capitalism, and for good reason.

Here is an example of how one could theoretically index the golden ratio onto a conversation with an infant: „Wave bye-bye! Wave! Say bye-bye baby! There she goes. Show her how you wave! Good! Yeah there she goes. Say bye-bye now. Bye-bye mommy! Are you hungry, little bear? You want some num-nums? Have a sip of water first. No you can’t hold the glass, sorry! You want num-nums? Not hungry? Ok, let’s hang out downstairs a little bit. Where’s your star? Show me the star. That’s right! Star!“
Financing $2B of equity deals starting with a $100k isn’t an accomplishment? Why is everyone focused on the $100k? It ain’t shit. Paid my way thru college as a D1 basketball player saved since young. I didn’t claim I started at the bottom. I’ve created 50k jobs.

What have you done?

The million was my seed.