„Family Portrait“

Site-specific photo work for the group exhibition "NININI PENG neewhom" curated by Leni Hoffmann and Claudia Pohl with a text, generously prepared by Mathilde Göttel

people in the photo from left to right: Leni Hoffmann, Mathilde Göttel, Claudia Pohl, Joe Krasean and Andreea-Sorina Koch as Koch & James. Featured are the two curators of the exhibition, a student who was tasked with writing about us, and Koch & James. We all took a field trip together just before the exhibition opened. We walked from exhibition hall down through the main street of Karlsruhe to the department store, Karstadt. There are photos of this very same street bombed out after the war, the shell of Karstadt still standing. They have a family photo center on the 4th floor.