Koch & James

1: Hey thanks for coming over! Can I get you something to drink? I have beer and… water! 

2: I’m actually, like, craving a pop right now. But water is fine.

1: Yeah no Coke. Not really into pop.

2: I actually want like… a diet Pepsi.

1: Oh you’re like a “Pepsi” [girl or guy]?

2: I know right? It’s weird. I’m not this huge brand identifier. But that one sunk in somehow. Like, do you remember that commercial with Ray Charles: [sings] “You got the right one baby, uh huh!” I just loved that commercial for some reason when I was a kid and Diet Pepsi just stuck with me since then. 

1: I hated that commercial.

2: I’m not saying it was good. I don’t even think pop is good. And I don’t think Diet Pepsi is like, objectively the best. But I’ve decided that it’s ok for me if some old advertisement directs my personal preferences in some nostalgic but kind of creepy, small way. It’s like, we all have to navigate these waters somehow, you know?

1: Yeah I hear you. [Pause] What if this was like, some kid’s favorite Coke commercial in the future?

2: What do you mean “this?” Like, this conversation about pop and advertising?

1: Yeah like this entire conversation and THAT’S the ad.

2: I would feel bad for that kid. [Looks directly into the camera.] Why are you filming this?

[2 stares into camera for a moment. Coke logo fades in.]